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At the Law Office of Arthur L. Weiss, P.C. we specialize in reconstructing prior year returns, getting them filed and then working with the IRS on a plan that is suitable for your income and debt. If you have not filed past year returns now is the time to do so.

Arthur Weiss, Esquire, is a graduate of the James Rogers School of Law at the University of Arizona. His other academic accomplishments include a master’s degree in accounting, a master’s degree in International Relations and an undergraduate degree in History and German. He is a member the National Association of Consumer Advocates, American Trial Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association.

Mr Weiss serves on the continuing legal education committee of the Pima County Bar Association and regularly lectures on tax matters and IRS representation.

He served twenty years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring in 1989. As a young officer he served in Thailand, England, Germany and a host of bases in the United States. He is married and has two children .

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We deal with the IRS so you don't have to!

Don’t expect to spend time on the phone with a salesperson. When you call our office you will be connected with a licensed Tucson tax attorney.

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Meet with us in-person to resolve your tax issues

Unlike many of the tax resolution firms advertising on TV we are located in Tucson, AZ and licensed by the State Bar of Arizona. Don't entrust your tax problems to an attorney 1,000 miles away.

We are a licensed Law Firm

What recourse will you have when dealing with a tax firm out-of-state if calls are not returned and the results are slow coming in? The State Bar of Arizona holds us accountable for our actions. We do not avoid phone calls or transfer your calls to a so-called 'tax advisor'. You will deal directly with the attorney that will be handling your case from beginning to end.

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"Let our law firm deal with the IRS"

From the minute you retain our law firm, you no longer have to speak to the IRS. We know how to negoiate and protect your best interests.

Are you behind on filing your taxes?

There is some good news and bad news here. The good news is that you are not alone. You are in the company of thousands of Americans who have, for whatever reason, failed to file returns for multiple years. The IRS refers to these taxpayers as chronic non-filers. The IRS knows that if you fail to file for the past few years, you are more likely not to file in the future, fearing retribution from an angry horde of revenue officers. You need not worry. The IRS wants you to file the past returns and to timely file your future returns. No one is angry and no one is pounding on your door looking to take your house away from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a tax attorney to resolve your problems with the IRS?.

In the United States, communications between accountants and their clients are usually not privileged. A person with aggressive tax strategies or who is worried about accusations of questionable accounting, such as tax evasion, may want to work only with an attorney or only with an accountant who is also an attorney.

Can I meet in person to discuss my tax problems?

Yes, we encourage you to meet with us in person to discuss your IRS and Arizona State Tax issues. Our firm is located in Tucson, Arizona

Don't fall victim to engaging the services of a so-called 'Nationwide IRS Tax Resolution Firm' located outside of Arizona. You could end up waiting for phone calls that are never returned, re-faxing documents never received and left wondering what recourse you have, all of which could come after spending thousands of dollars.

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