Non-Filed Prior Year Tax Returns

back-taxesThis is a problem for many people – they have not filed returns for two, three or four years and now are scared to do so for fear of “waking up” the IRS.  This is foolish. The IRS already knows you have not filed and does not need to be awakened.  They will eventually discover that you have not filed and will then file a return for you, known as a “Substitute for Return”.  Their substitute return will be the most unfavorable to you and most favorable to them. 

To solve this situation you should make sure that you take all steps necessary to get past returns filed as soon as possible.  This will reduce the penalties and interest on any taxes owed and will start you on the road to tax recovery.  At the Law Office of Arthur L. Weiss, P.C. we specialize in reconstructing prior year returns, getting them filed and then working with the IRS on a plan that is suitable for your income and debt.  If you have not filed past year returns now is the time to do so. 

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