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At the Law Office of Arthur L. Weiss, P.C. we specialize in reconstructing prior year returns, getting them filed and then working with the IRS on a plan that is suitable for your income.

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We work with IRS collections officers to resolve tax matters, preferably without resort to involuntary seizure of your property.

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The Internal Revenue Service can certainly make life difficult, usually through little fault of the taxpayer.

At the Law Firm of Arthur Weiss, P.C. we are highly skilled at navigating the maze of regulations, laws, protocols, negotiating settlements, and mediating IRS and Arizona tax issues on behalf of our clients.

Arizona & IRS Tax blog by Arthur Weiss

Updated frequently, this blog is a must read for everyone. Mr. Weiss speaks frankly about the options taxpayers have when confronting tax problems with the IRS and the State of Arizona.

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Consumer Protection in Action by Arthur Weiss

Don't become a victim! Arthur L. Weiss, P.C. located in Tucson, Arizona represents people throughout the state of Arizona who have been victimized by infomercial and tax relief scams.

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