Articles by Arthur Weiss, Esquire

IRS bank levy The IRS levied my bank accounts.

Before the IRS can take your property, whether cash or your dining room table, it must comply with the Constitution. Under the Fifth Amendment the IRS cannot...

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Reasonable Collection Potential.

Thousands of taxpayers owe the IRS far more in back taxes than they can possibly pay in their lifetimes.  If you are one of these people, take some comfort that you are...

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Tax ScamsBeware Tax Relief Scams.

They appear on late night television and on the internet promising to reduce your tax debt, stop garnishments, remove tax liens and settle your debt for pennies..

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IRS Tax LevyTax Levy Information.

For taxpayers in serious debt to the IRS, the most feared weapon in the IRS arsenal is the tax levy.   Using the powers granted to it in the Internal Revenue...

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Tax attorneyThere is some good news and bad news here.

The good news is that you are not alone. You are in the company of thousands of Americans who have, for whatever reason, failed to file returns for multiple years...

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Reduce IRS Tax debtCan they really reduce my tax debt?

Harry Jones has not filed his federal tax return since 1999.  When he finally got around to filing in 2007, his tax debt with penalties and interest was over $100,000..

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IRS Notice LevyFinal notice of intent to levy.

“Final Notice of Intent to Levy” the letter says in bold font.  It arrived today via certified mail in an official looking envelope indicating it is from the Internal Revenue...

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Taxes bankruptcyThe current Bankruptcy Code.

The current Bankruptcy Code is a very complex set of rules, many of which are poorly drafted and difficult to understand and apply, even for bankruptcy lawyers and judges...

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IRS Wage AttachmentWill compomise stop a wage garnishment?

The answer can be found both in federal tax law and in tax regulations written by the department of the treasury. Under federal tax regulations - and I am quoting..

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Notice of tax lienNotice of filing tax lien

It goes by a rather awkward acronym – NFTL -  Notice of Filing of Tax Lien.  If you owe the IRS money and, after their demand you have not paid it then you...

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Why use us?

Do you need to have your accounting books reconstructed? We can handle that too. We know what it probably looks like... old reciepts, bills and returned checks in no particular order thrown in a box waiting for the day you have time to go through it all. Let us reconstruct your accounting records so you can move forward and get your taxes done.

Why use a tax attorney to resolve your problems with the IRS? In the United States, communications between accountants and their clients are usually not privileged. A person with aggressive tax strategies or who is worried about accusations of questionable accounting, such as tax evasion, may want to work only with an attorney or only with an accountant who is also an attorney.

We are a local law firm. Unlike many of the tax resolution firms advertising on the internet and TV we have offices in Tucson, AZ where you can meet with the attorney that will be handling your case. Reviewing your documents in person with an attorney is much easier and more reassuring than dealing with a firm located in another State.

We are licensed by the State Bar of Arizona. Because we are tax lawyers we are held to a much higher standard than most accountants and tax preparers. If we fail to deliver you have recourse through the State Bar of Arizona.

Unlike many of the firms advertising on TV we do not employ telephone sales people or so-called 'Tax Advisors'. At the Law Office of Arthur Weiss, P.C. you will work directly with the attorney handling your case and not an intermediary. Your lawyer will return your calls and respond to your requests for information in a timely and responsible manner. Don’t expect to spend time on the phone with a salesperson.

We deal with the IRS so you don't have to. At the Law Firm of Arthur Weiss, P.C. we are highly skilled at navigating the maze of regulations, laws, protocols, negotiating settlements, and mediating IRS and Arizona tax issues on behalf of our clients. Call for a free phone consultation.