Federal Tax Liens

unfiled back taxes irsIf you owe the IRS a past due tax liability, it is possible that a federal tax lien has been filed in your county records affecting your present and future property.  The IRS is required to let you know that it has filed a lien against you.  According to federal law, it must notify you within five days of filing by letter to your last known address.   Despite their notification, most people do not know that a lien has been filed and find out only when they apply for a loan or try to sell their house. 

If a federal tax lien has been filed there are some steps you can take to remove the lien, however, the IRS will not remove a tax lien unless it is required by law or it is in the best interest of the government to do so. 

If you receive a notice of filing of a tax lien, (NFTL), you will have an opportunity to dispute the validity of the filing, however, your window of time to dispute the lien is narrow and you must take advantage of it soon.  If you have questions regarding the lien and how it could be removed or reduced please call to set up an appointment with a tax attorney to discuss your tax situation.
Wage Garnishments

Garnishing your wages and levying your bank accounts is one of the best ways the IRS has to get your attention.  If they are taking your stuff, from either a bank account, your salary or from your living room, it is because you have too long ignored their requests for payment or communication. 

Prior to taking your stuff, the IRS must comply with provisions of the U.S. Constitution, provisions which protect you from arbitrary government decisions.  Once again, these protections do not last very long and must be exercised within very strict time limits.  However, if you miss these time limits, there are still measures that can be taken to either limit or eliminate a wage garnishment or levy.

Unlike the spokesmen in television commercials, we do not guarantee that we can eliminate every garnishment or stop every levy.  We believe such empty promises are deceptive.  Instead we work with IRS collections officers to resolve the matter, preferably without resort to involuntary seizure of your property.

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